Pouilly Fumé



friday, the 25th of december 2009

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. All the best for 2010 for yourself, your family and friends.

Cheers !!

sunday, the 22nd of november 2009

A few weeks ago, in "Côte des Prés" our new plantation...

saturday, the 12th of september 2009

The vineyards of Pouilly had excellent climatic conditions for ripening grapes: hot and dry weather since early August, with one or two showers in early September, cool nights but not too cool. In short, an almost ideal combination for a good year with good promise in sugar content and freshness. Tasting the berries is already promising to reveal tantalizing aromas. All these factors have led growers to choose a harvest ban (the date from which we are allowed to start the harvest) will be Wednesday, the 16th of september.

tuesday, the 18th of august 2009

Since the beginning of August, the vine reached the stage called "veraison".

This is the key moment when the plant has completed its annual phase of growth and begins to prepare its reserves to face the winter. Seeds get clearer : they soften and melt slowly. Sugars accumulate in bays and acids are consumed. It is the maturation phase. This last step is crucial, in addition to sugars and acids are also precursors of aromas that are developed by the vine and stored in the seed film.

The color changing coincides with the hardening of the wood of the vine ("aoûtement"). The vine stores its reserves of survival in seed and timber. You will see below that the wood starts to take a yellow-orange colour and it hardens.

tuesday, the 7th of july 2009

The seeds are large enough that their weight makes hanging clusters: we reached the stadium "fermeture de la grappe".

tuesday, the 30th of june 2009

The seeds grow quickly with the fine weather. They reached the stage known as "pea" (petit pois)...

Monday, the 22nd of june 2009

Ébourgeonnage are done as well as the relevage. It consists in "raising" the wires of palissage and in inserting the vegetation between them thanks to iron hooks.

thursday, the 18th of june 2009

Flowering ends. It was quite long this year. We can identify future small seeds.

monday, the 1rst of june 2009

Clusters are in bloom. The small yellow pieces are the stamens.

It's difficult with the only visual medium, but you must imagine the beauty of the scent at this stage of the vine. The atmosphere carries a subtle and delicate fragrance quite incomparable.

It is also a crucial period in which determines the fate of the harvest. Bad weather (rain, cold, too hot ...) during the flower can be very damaging to the future of the clusters. To get a seed the flower need to be fertilized. "coulure" is when fertilization fails to succeed(and many flowers will fall without being fertilized). It is also possible the phenomenon of "millerandage" for which the seeds will be formed but not growing.

monday, the 1rst of june 2009

Our new little grapes are noticeable.

sunday, the 24th of may

About "ébourgeonnage" : perhaps the hardest work in the vineyard. Better to show it by an example...

Et c'est terminé ! Au suivant...

saturday, the 16th of may 2009

The time passes fast. The hard task now is "ébourgeonnage". Photos soon... In the meantime, our second grape is very visible now and we count about 8 displayed leaves.

Wednesday, the 6th of may 2009

5 leaves and a new little grape...

monday, the 27th of april 2009

3 leaves unfolded stage ... and we see the beginnings of a grape.

Wednesday, the 22nd of april 2009

The first leaves...

Opening of the bud is the stage known as "green tip" which in fact is a "red tip" for our Blanc Fumé (cépage Sauvignon).

friday, the 17th of april2009

Bud in the "coton".

On Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 : the tears of the vine

The spring comes and even if nights are still cool we live on very beautiful sunny days. It is the moment when the vine "cries". Nothing sad in it: the ground warms itself, the sap takes back its running ! And this life shows itself by these "tears" which pass by by the wounds of pruning.

March 2009

monday, the 16th of march 2009

Fine weather : a taste of spring ! It's time to plow and aerate our soils...

Tuesday, the 3rd of march 2009

Grande journée aujourd'hui : nous avons commencé à planter notre parcelle de "la Côte des Prés". Souvenez-vous, il y a quelques mois, nous vous avions tracé le terrain (aligné les piquets en quinconce pour marquer la position des greffes).

Sunday, the 15th of february

About pruning... (I'll try to translate as soon as possible...).

Saturday, the 24 th of january 2009

On the 22nd of juanuary, we celebrated Saint Vincent in Pouilly. It's common enough in many french vineyards and a long tradition. It's a good opportuny for the vignerons to gather and enjoy themselves. The celebrations may be different from one "commune" to another (mass, tasting, "crougnons", statues...) : sometimes religious ones, sometimes paganer ones

In the beginnings, "brotherhoods of Saint Vincent" (Pouilly's one is more than three thousand years old !) had a major part of mutual aid among the vignerons. If you were ill or injured, you could count on your colleagues (or "brothers") to help you in the vines or the daily life. Solidarity is still very present nowadays and we wish it will last in the future !