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Dimanche 28 Décembre 2008

The weather is very cold at the moment and it's very good for the "vigneron". Very good for working : it allows different tasks such as grinding of the cut stems, fertilization when necessary... The cold weather is also a blessing for the soils : it reduces the proliferation of vermin, pest and it increases the aeration of the soils.

We have begun the final pruning. I will try to explain the different steps as soon as possible...

To be continued...

Thursday, the 27th of november 2008

Winter is coming and it was very cold today (-5°c).

It's time for the first step of pruning.

sunday, the 16th of november 2008

Wine may 'protect against dementia'

Wine may protect against dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, according to a study by Gothenburg University in Sweden.
The study, which started in 1968, has followed the drinking and lifestyle habits of 1,458 women. Women were categorised according to types of alcohol consumed and frequency of consumption.
162 of the women in the study eventually developed dementia. The results showed that within the wine drinking group there was a significantly below-average rate of dementia, whereas no such correlation was found for women who regularly drank beer or spirits.
Professor Lauren Lissner, director of the study, said 'the group with the lowest proportion of dementia was that containing women who said they only drank wine'.
She added that the findings should not however be treated as an endorsement of wine consumption on health grounds.

Research at University College London recently suggested that a small glass of wine a week during pregnancy does not harm children and may even improve their behaviour and vocabulary...

[ Source : Decanter ]

the 30th of october 2008 : France of wine says :

An exceptional day in Pouilly sur Loire : the wine professionnals gathered to show their deep displeasure. The wine producers of Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly sur Loire were mobilized, backed by local elected officials, to cover road signs as a symbol of censorship and mourning for our profession. We hope for a constructive response in high places !

Monday, the 27th of october 2008

We are preparing orders for the end of the year : a lot of work in the cellar ! We bring our wines ourselves in Britanny and Parisian area.

Saturday, the 25th of october 2008

Always on the rush : alcoholic fermentation in the cellar, bottling, digging holes from dead vines ( two diseases : esca and eutypiose are wrecking havoc !) and preparation of Christmas orders ! A lot of work... A few photos thanks to indian summer :

You can see the wine in activity in a tank during the alcoholic fermentation. Try to imagine all the complexity of the aromas, the subtle noise, the heat (but controlled under 20°C...) It is a very special atmosphere in the cellar during those two or three weeks !

Mercredi 15 octobre 2008

The end of cleaning : not funny but absolutely necessary for a good wine !

Dimanche 12 octobre 2008