Pouilly Fumé

Pouilly fumé 2014

Pouilly fumé 2014

Pouilly Fumé 2014 : a vintage with character

The unusual shift between the seasons has created a 2014 vintage with great potential. The unexpected warm weather in autumn produced exceptional wines with finesse and power.

A year in the vineyard

2014 was characterised by a long growing season. The mild end to the winter and a dry March warmed the soils and accelerated growth. Bud break began in the first days of April. Except for the period from June 6th-13th, and the second half of July, the year was relatively cold until the end of August. Therefore, the vine was delayed throughout the whole season, despite bud break being 10 days early; there was a 3 day delay for flowering and a 4 day delay for veraison. September, however, was excellent for the vintage with moderate heat during the day, cool nights and very little rain.


The excellent weather conditions in autumn allowed for slow maturation where each element fell into place in harmony. The warmth increased sugar, while cool nights preserved the fruit and halted the decline in acidity which was high enough at the beginning of the year. Pouilly Fumé 2014 stands out as a remarkable year as levels of sugar and acidity are high but still perfectly balanced. Healthy, thick skins maintained berry colour and aromas.

We benefitted from the late autumnal heat and good weather, waiting until optimal maturity had been reached before harvesting. The harvest began on 29th September with very good conditions.

Tasting notes Pouilly Fumé 2014

The wines reveal consistency and density. High acidities are subtle on the palate as they are balanced by the grapes’ natural richness. Pouilly Fumé 2014 reveal promising aromas. The finesse and complexity shows fruits (pear, peach, exotic fruits), hints of herbaceous aromas and delicate mineral notes.

Wines exhibit a fine tension counterbalanced by a rich mouthful of fullness and richness. With a long finish, Pouilly Fumé 2014 have real potential.