Pouilly Fumé

Pouilly fumé 2009

Pouilly fumé 2009

A rich and generous vintage

August and September’s ideal weather and a limited yield make 2009 an exceptional vintage : these wines with their fresh, refined aromas and powerful palate, exhibit the remarkable natural richness of the grapes.

The principal vegetative stages (budburst, flowering, veraison, maturity) occurred up to 2 days earlier than the average of the last fifteen years.
Following a relatively cold and dry winter, April began with three weeks of temperatures 3°C higher than the norm. May was also warm. June and July were normal for the season while higher than usual temperatures appeared again in mid-August. While not excessive, precipitation often arrived in the form of thunderstorms leaving 20 mm to 30 mm of rain which broke the dry spells. The regular watering maintained the humidity of the soil at a sufficient level until the veraison. A dry period progressively arrived becoming more pronounced at the end of the harvest.
The dry months of August and September preserved the excellent sanitary state of the crop.


Sugar levels progressed very rapidly and attained high levels. Acidity levels remained in place primarily thanks to cool nights during the first half of September and the dry period. These conditions also helped maintain the fleshy texture of the berries, a characteristic that we generally find in the wines.

The Harvest

The harvest began on 16th September and lasted ten days.
With the balance between the sugars and acidities being obtained in all cases, the principal deciding factor as to when to pick each parcel became the aromatic maturity. This decision was made even more comfortable for us because of a stable high pressure zone that had moved into the area and maintained the dry weather.

First Impressions

A strong constitution and vinosity characterize the wines of this vintage, a vintage for the record books.
The whites display superb aromas and a great finesse. Fruity notes (white fruits and tropical fruits for example) dominate. Floral and mineral nuances, sometimes with light vegetal notes, add to this lovely olfactory freshness. The mouth is generous: a harmonious attack, then rich and fleshy, finishing on a lively balance. The mouth is full, opulent and vivacious. The finish is persistent.