Pouilly Fumé

Pouilly fumé 2008

Pouilly fumé 2008

Rich and fruity

The vegetative cycle began with a warm May. Temperatures were generally below normal. The spring has been well watered while as the training of grapes in late June, the rains have become regular but low overall. The dates of the main stages of growth of the vine were more backward than the average of the decade, but in the end it was an advantage because it has helped to maintain good health.

At harvest, the grapes were perfectly healthy. Output clusters moderate also promoted maturation. The delay of the vegetation allowed the maturation period is late and also benefits from a dry and hot day, but cold nights. This facilitated the phenomena of concentration. We have been harvested at optimum sugar / acid source of richness and balance.

Once again, the timing of harvest was crucial to obtain both the optimum balance and flavors for each plot.
The fruity aromas (citrus, peach ...), flowers and minerals are as intense with lots of light shades plant (type of blackcurrant bud). The wines have a lot of presence in the mouth: richness well balanced by fresh acid and good length. A good potential to last...

To summarize, we can say that despite a date of harvest among the least early in the last ten years, 2008 offers us a great vintage : rich, fruity, lively and fleshy.