Pouilly Fumé

The wines

The wines

At the moment, if you come and visit us, we will be delighted to make you discover our Pouilly Fumé "Domaine de Bel Air" 2022, our Pouilly Fumé "Cuvée des Acoins" 2022, our Pouilly Fumé "Cuvée Riquette" 2023 and our Pouilly sur Loire 2022.

Ideal temperature for tasting Pouilly Fume is 10 to 12°C.

Pouilly Fumé

Pouilly Fumé : a funny name for a wine !

Why this so unusual name: fumé ? The term "fumé" or "smoked" has two implications : one linked to the grape and the other to the land.

The Pouilly Fumé grape is derived from the sauvignon blanc, with egg-shaped berries in tight clusters resembling tit’s eggs. When mature, these berries are covered in a smoke-coloured, grey bloom, which explains why we, Pouilly wine growers, talk amongst ourselves about Blanc Fumé (smoked white) to describe the sauvignon grape or wines produced from it.

The word “fumé” also refers to the incomparable, universally-recognized aromas and bouquet (or fumet – smokey aroma – the famous gun flint aroma, released by rubbing two flints together), which comes from the outstanding land of Pouilly sur Loire vineyards.

It is here, in Pouilly sur Loire, that the Sauvignon grape develops unrivalled complexity and aromatic palate. Dry, fruity, white, Pouilly Fumé is full-bodied and reflects the inimitable taste of the Pouilly land in its bottle thanks to its "flinty" aromas.
The fine Pouilly wines are thanks to the constant labours of many generations of wine producers.

Our Cuvées of Pouilly Fumé

Domaine de Bel Air
Our classic " cuvée ", harmony of our different soils, in symbiosis, with finesse and aromatic intensity well balanced with full and fruity mouth and a very persistent and lively finish.
The freshness and fruiteness will make it a perfect match for your shellfish, fish, goat-cheese, sea food and it is perfect as an aperitif...

Cuvée des Acoins
Our " cuvée " from our soil of kimmeridgian marls (limestone-clay). You need to be patient to taste its complexity which develops after a long maturation on lees. But it is more than worth it in order to appreciate its well-balanced fullness and its fruity and "flinty" aromas...
This richness on the palate allows it to go equally well with white meat dishes or even "foie gras".

Cuvée Riquette
Cuvée of caillottes soil (clay-limestone or calcareous de Villiers), it is early and explosive! Of great aromatic intensity, it reveals early notes of citrus and fresh fruit in a harmony of freshness and richness.

Pouilly sur Loire

A little lighter than Pouilly Fumé, we like it very much : it is simple and charming, produced from the Chasselas grape. It is frank and refreshing. Lighter than Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly sur Loire is ideal for simple occasions. It is a good-humoured wine for light lunches between friends...
Soft and light, it evokes the aromas of the crisp chasselas grape. It will illuminate your starters, your oysters our your mussels.

Méthode traditionnelle

Our "méthode traditionnelle" is made with our Pouilly sur Loire.
It is a sparkling wine which will be perfect with your desserts to finish your meal in style.