Pouilly Fumé

The vineyard

The vineyard

Our domaine is situated in the heart of the Pouilly vineyard, on the communes of Pouilly sur Loire and Saint Andelain

We own and cultivate fifteen hectares of Sauvignon (locally named Blanc Fumé) to produce the Appellation Pouilly Fumé Contrôlée and half a hectare of Chasselas for the Appellation Pouilly sur Loire Contrôlée. On these exceptional terroirs, the expression of our local and traditional grapes are magnified.

We work daily in our vines which allows a strict and sensible control of the grapes and their development. From pruning to harvest, with de-budding or clearing in between if necessary, we look forward to our common and most important aim : quality. It means that we use all our energy to specify quality in all that we do, that is to say our work, our methods and our final product, POUILLY FUME.

Our vines are situated in different types of soils :

  • Kimmeridgian marls,
    with oyster shell deposits, The vine plant growth is slower but more regular here because of the clay content in the soil. They produce crisp Pouilly-Fumé wines, with excellent keeping potential. The aromas are delicate ; they remain shy for the first few months, then develop progressively to reach fullness from about ten months onwards.
  • clayey limestones,
    also called "caillottes" ou "criots", terroir of fruity and well-balanced wines.
  • sandy limestones,
    terroir of early and rich aromas of great diversity : fruits, flowers and minerality. It reveals first hand the freshness and subtlety of vintages.

They face south and southeast on the slopes of Saint Andelain (the highest point of the vineyard)

The climate is both oceanic and continental. But we take advantage of the specific influence of the Loire. Its presence has a tempering effect on the climate. So, the climate is temperate with cool winters, soft springs with occasional frosty periods, hot and dry summers for an ideal ripening.These elements (the soil and the climate) enable our grape-variety, SAUVIGNON, to develop and express itself in the best conditions for it.

To respect our heritage and nature, we practised rationalized phytosanitary treatment in our vineyard and more than a third of our vines have been seeded with grass. Part of the vineyard is plowed each year to preserve the structure and life of the soil.


For more details about our daily work, all along the year, our News tries to keep you informed of our vineyard and cellar schedule ...